Electrician Rate per Hour

An electrician's rate per hour is R350 to R900 and depends on their experience level and travel cost but will exclude electrical fixes. Residential electricians' rates range between R350 to R750 per hour, while commercial and master electricians can go from R500 to R900 per hour. Electricians will also charge for their travel to your home or office.

Electrician rate per hour table

Rate Description

Rate Amount

Average electrician hourly rate

R 650

Minimum Electrician rate per hour - Junior electrician or technician

R 350

Maximum Electrician rate per hour

R 950

Electrical contractor rates per hour

R 350

Commercial electrician hourly rate

R 700

Master electrician hourly rate

R 900

Electrician service call rates - First hour

R 850

Electrician service call rates - After first hour

R 650

Industrial electrician hourly rate

R 900

Low cost electrician rate


Residential electrician hourly rate

R 650

We recommend that you contact an electrician and request their rate per hour; however, the table above will indicate the typical hourly rates that apply. Please remember that an electrician’s rate per hour will not include the cost of materials used to repair electrical faults.

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