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Are you looking for qualified electricians in Centurion?

We provide registered and qualified electricians in Centurion who can assist with residential, domestic or commercial electrical services, electrical installations and electrical repairs. In addition, our licensed electrical contractors in Centurion are authorised to issue electrical compliance certificates and our work therefore complies with electrical legislation. Moreover, we also provide a 24 hour electrician service and emergency electrician service in Centurion to our customers. To get hold of us urgently, please use the contact button below.

Looking for a certified electrician near you? or an electrician company? Click our contact button above to find an electrical contractor near you. You're guaranteed to find the best electrician in Centurion because our electrical installation company strives to deliver a professional service by putting you in contact with local electricians.

Our electricians provide electrical services in the following areas within Centurion

We service Centurion and surrounding suburbs. See service area list below:

  • Centurion East
  • Centurion West

Qualified electricians that you can trust 

All our electrical technicians are registered, qualified and certified electrical professionals that will give you peace of mind when doing your electrical work. They are qualified with a wireman’s license and an electrical N1, N2 and N3 NQF National Certificate. As a result, they are the best in the market because we ensure they have the necessary qualifications before they are allowed to work. In addition, they are also registered with the Department of Labour (DoL) on an annual basis. 

The following types of electricians will cater for your specific needs: 

Electrician services we offer in Centurion

Electricians are able to deal with fault finding, re-wiring, appliance installations and various other electrical tasks. See the full list of services below:

  • Appliances, switches, lights, wall sockets
  • General electrical installations or repairs done by an installation electrician.
  • Appliance installations
  • Tripp switches, fuse boards, circuit breakers
  • Electrical compliance certificates (C.O.C)
  • Large or small rewiring jobs
  • Fault finding and then diagnosis
  • Inspection and testing of electrical installation
  • Domestic electrical installations
  • Electrical installation service
  • Electrician maintenance jobs

We issue electrical compliance certificates and electric fence certificates 

Electricians in Pretoria Electrical Certificate Of Compliance

In South Africa, you cannot renovate, build or sell any property without an Electric Clearance Certificate (ECC), validated by the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB). We provide an electrical compliance certificate to guarantee that our work has been done according to regulation.

Performing installations, maintenance, and electrical repairs to keep structures and processes in good working order can lead you to need a qualified, skilled, and licensed electrician validated by the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB).

When selling your property, it’s now mandatory to supply a valid Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (EFCOC) before your property transfer can be concluded.

We deliver solutions that are safe by diagnosing and advising you about your electrical installation issues or requirements. 

If you need advice on an electrical fault, help with appliances, switches or wall sockets, contact our electricians in Centurion to get expert assistance.

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We are centrally based in Centurion which means we can respond to your electrical inspection or repair swiftly.

To find a nearby electrician, please click our contact button below. We will put you in contact with a local electrician near you that will be able to assist with any electrical service you need.

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