A game-changer for finding legal electricians in South Africa

Locating legal electricians in South Africa has been challenging for a number of years due to the number of illegal electricians who are not registered or qualified.

Electrical Compliance Certificate, a company based in Johannesburg South Africa has given the public access to its online electrician search functionality, allowing website visitors to easily locate qualified electricians in their area.

This functionality cuts out the illegal operators and puts customers in direct contact with registered electricians.

Search for electricians near you example

Electricians who register have to go through a screening process and submit qualifications, registration documents and other legal documents required to operate legally in South Africa. This means all electricians on the database are guaranteed to comply with South African electrical legislation. In addition, electricians are required to keep their registrations active every year which ensures the listed electricians remain legally compliant.

Their search functionality allows them to quickly search and locate registered and qualified electricians in Johannesburg who can assist with residential, domestic or commercial electrical services, electrical installations and electrical repairs.

Users also get the benefit of licensed electrical contractors who are authorised to issue electrical compliance certificates and their work, therefore, complies with electrical legislation. Moreover, they also provide a 24-hour electrician service and emergency electrician service in Johannesburg to their customers.

It’s great to see a South African company doing their part to root out illegal electricians which have painted many qualified electricians with the same brush.

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